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Board lives this week

A board live is an official broadcast of professional games live as they’re being played. ?The following will be played this week. ?All times are in Japan Time. ?(Current Japan time can be found in the sidebar.)

November 6:

6th Asahi Cup Shogi Open

(1)?Tadahisa Maruyama 9-dan vs Yoshihiro Wataru 4-dan (10 am)

(2)?Kouichi Fukaura 9-dan vs Kousuke Tamura 6-dan (10 am)

Winner of game 1 vs Winner of game 2 (2 pm)

November 7:

6th Asahi Cup Shogi Open

(1)?Takeshi Fujii 9-dan vs Ayumu Matsuo 7-dan (10 am)

(2)?Takanori Hashimoto 8-dan vs Masaki Izumi 7-dan (10 am)

Winner of game 1 vs Winner of game 2 (2 pm)

November 10:

25th Ryuou Best of 7 Title Match, Game 3, Day 1

Akira Watanabe Ryuou vs Tadahisa Maruyama 9-dan?(9 am)
Official Site
Nico Nico Live Broadcast?(requires account)
Nico Live Mirror (does not require account)

19th Oyama Meijin Cup Kurashiki Touka Title Match

Kana Satomi Kurashiki Touka vs Rieko Yauchi Ladies 4-dan?(10 am)
Official Site?

6th MyNavi Ladies Open

Ichiyo Shimizu Ladies 6-dan vs Tomomi Kai Ladies 4-dan (10 am) (url tba)
Official Site?

November 9:

25th Ryuou Best of 7 Title Match , Game 3, Day 2

Akira Watanabe Ryuou vs Tadahisa Maruyama 9-dan?(9 am)
Official Site
Nico Nico Live Broadcast?(requires account)
Nico Live Mirror?(does not require account)

6th Asahi Cup Shogi Open

(1)?Hiroyuki Miura 8-dan vs Yoshiyuki Kubota 6-dan?(10 am)

(2) Daisuke Suzuki 8-dan vs Ryousuke Nakamura 5-dan (10 am)

(3) Hisashi Namekata 8-dan vs Hiroaki Yokoyama 5-dan (10 am)

(4) Chikara Akutsu 7-dan vs Akihiro Murata 5-dan (10 am)

Winner of game 1 vs Winner of game 2 (2 pm)

Winner of game 3 vs Winner of game 4 (2 pm)

2nd Ricoh Cup Ladies Ouza Title Match, Game 3

Momoko Katou Ladies Ouza vs Sayuri Honda Ladies 3-dan (10 am)
Official Site
Nico Nico Live ?Broadcast (requires account)


Thanks to Takodori’s thread from 81SU forums for times.


Shogi Kifu Database is back up

After several weeks of downtime, the Shogi Kifu Database (???????????) has come back up. The Kifu Database is the biggest collection of professional kifu on the web, so it’s an invaluable resource to anyone who wants to improve or enjoys replaying professional games.



Mechacon 2012 Go & Shogi Open

Published on July 27, 2012, by in Tournaments.

The Louisiana Shogi Club and Crane’s Nest Go Club invite you to play in the Mechacon Shogi Open Tournament and the Mechacon Go Open Tournament. These tournaments will be played on Saturday, September 8 starting at 7 pm and, if necessary, will resume on Sunday afternoon at 2 pm. The two tournaments will run simultaneously. You may participate in both and we will try to schedule your games so they do not conflict. It will take place at the Hilton Riverside Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Players must be registered for the?Mechacon?anime convention for the days they are playing to be able to participate. However, you can have your convention fee waived if you volunteer at the convention. The Louisiana Shogi Club and Crane’s Nest Go Club will be hosting an Asian Board Games Room all weekend long that you are welcome to volunteer in to get credit for the convention. Contact me for information on how to do this if you are interested.


-Both tournaments will use the Swiss System between 3 rounds and 6 rounds depending on the number of participants. We will make an effort to, but cannot guarantee that you will be matched against players of similar strength.

-The time for each game will be 30 minutes + 30 second byoyomi


All pre-registered participants will be eligible to win a prize (except for organizers). Players will be given the opportunity to choose their prize by order from highest points to lowest points. The following prizes are available:

Prizes for both tournaments will be announced on August 4th.

Keep up to date on 81SU forums.


Ouza Rematch!

Published on July 21, 2012, by in Shogi News.

Last year, Yoshiharu Habu lost the Ouza title, which he had held for 19 consecutive years, to Akira Watanabe. ?But this still isn’t the end of Habu. ?On July 20, Habu defeated Taichi Nakamura 6-dan?and became the challenger for the 60th Ouza Title Match. ?This will be the 21st consecutive year that Habu makes an appearance in this title match. ?The schedule for this match will be:

Game 1: August 29
Game 2: September 5
Game 3: September 19
Game 4: October 3
Game 5: October 10


The results for the ESC/WOSC are in!

The European Shogi Championship and World Open Shogi Championship, the biggest shogi event in Europe, was held in Cracow, Poland, on July 12-15. ?Nearly 100 players from around the world attended. ?Four tournaments were held: the European Championship, the World Open Championship, a Blitz Tournament, and a Doubutsu Shogi tournament.

The results can be found on the ESC/WOSC website.

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