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Shogi Sets

You can purchase shogi sets from the following websites:

Nekomado Shop

Nekomado is a shogi promotion company run by lady professional player Madoka Kitao. ?Nekomado sells cheap introductory sets as well as high quality luxury sets.

Japanese Games Shop

Japanese Games Shop sells several mass-produced shogi sets for a comparatively low price. They also sell high quality?hand-crafted sets?made of a variety of woods with a variety of styles.

Yellow Mountain Imports

Yellow Mountain Imports sells mostly magnetic travel shogi sets, but has two wood sets.

Ohishi Tengudo

Ohishi Tengudo sells several mass-produced and hand-carved sets, as well as travel-sized sets, demonstration boards, and miscellaneous merchandise.

The Trading Centre

The Trading Centre sells several mass-produced plastic and travel-sized magnetic sets.

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